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Re: Help! I may need a new line mixer!

> I replaced the Mackie 1202 in my live looping setup with a Roland M160,
> and I've been pretty happy with it. 16 channels, 4 sends (1 pre-fader)
> no EQ. Even though it's older, it's been way more reliable than the
> Mackie, I was replacing pots in it about every 3-4 months.

What??? I've used my Mackie 1202 for over 5+ years of HARD live use and
never had one problem ever. It's been used and seriously abused and has
never so much has needed a cleaning let alone a pot replacement.  Same
with my original 1604. Can't speak to the new ones but the original 1202
has been the best mixer I have ever used.

Perhaps you got a bum or seriously damaged unit?  I would highly
recommend a 1202 over a roland M160. not that those are bad units but
they are not a "tank" IMO. the 1202 IS.

Just my $ .02 Loop on!