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Re: EDP unrounded multiply

At 09:12 AM 5/9/2003, Louie Angulo wrote:
>Is it possible to do unrounded multiply with two taps?
>is quite tricky with the SusUnrounded multiply

don't use SUS. Just tap the normal Multiply to start, then end it with a 
tap of Record. The same works with Insert. Anytime you end them with a tap 
of Record it is unrounded, meaning the loop length is redefined to exactly 
that point.

>also when i press multiply with quantize off,roundmode
>off,switchquant off,leaving the foot on sustaining the
>button the loop plays through once and then there is
>silence.Is it overtaking the replace function? What
>would be the musical use here?

Long press on Multiply does the Substitute function. It is just another 
to have Substitute available if you don't want to set it with the 
InsertMode or use MIDI.

Substitute is a type of replace. While the replace is happening you still 
hear the current audio in the loop, so you have something to play along 
Then on the next pass the old audio is gone and only the new replace audio 
is left. With the normal Replace function you do not hear the old audio as 
you do the replace.


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