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Re: multiple jam-things

> For a short time I did run an EDP and a Repeater at the same time, and
> I found it to be too much.  Each unit does PLENTY in my opinion.  I
> rarely ended up using them both together, but I would imagine like
> anything it would need lot's of practice.  It always felt like I was
> that guy who spins plates on the Ed Sullivan show when I was using
> multiple loopers.  Too hard to focus on the music, especially in a live
> context where things are more chaotic.

In the past, the main use I've found for the two has been to use the
Repeater to record grooves - i.e. Bass line + Comping, and then looped the
Echoplex on top of it to create the melody for the arrangement. The 
loop would be looping a multiple of the Repeater's loop. (You could do the
same just with the repeater, but you would have less flexibility, and would
be able to do stuff like re-recording the chord progression for the 
and then >voila< fade in the original melody from the EDP)

Alternately, I would use the echoplex to make shorter loops from sounds on
precreated cds, that I would mangle while the repeater kept the progression
going in the background.


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