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Re: multiple jam-things

On Thursday, May 8, 2003, at 10:26  pm, Louie Angulo wrote:

>> I've recently been playing for up to an hour solely
>> in record mode constantly evolving the music. Its music without any
>> solo's, and is highly interesting.
> Hi stuart,
> very intersting points!
> can you develop more on this?here you mean in record
> mode but not in loop mode that is, with the feedback
> not at 100% right?

Loop sampler mode. Dry/Mix output equal, constant record/overdub.

The great thing about being brought up on the DL4 is that there is no 
control of the feedback... Its probably like 80/90% feedback on other 
boxes. I basically start the loop in silence, or with a long drone... 
and once it goes into record/overdub mode, you basically leave it there 
until the end of the piece.

I've found myself constantly morphing everything from the melodies, 
harmonies, rhythms, structure.... its hard to explain, but its made me 
look at music from a different viewpoint.

> .As time goes by i feel
> better and more organic with less gear:-)

I know what you mean :) But I've always tried to connect different gear 
together... so this time I'm trying to opt for a rack of likeminded 
boxes, which once set up, should never need touching again. (That is 
the theory).

> Yes you can say that again, it is expensive but the
> EDP is a very strong live looper.

I know. I would love to get my hands on one, but the price is way too 
high for my budget. I also need multiple loops - being able to reverse 
one loop whilst another is playing...

Oh for a lottery ticket, and 8 EDP's... :)

> Somehow the repeater
> feels more home studio looper to me...

Its unreliable both mechanically and operationally. If you visit the 
electrix forum, you'll see quite a few people who's power supplies have 
failed. Electrix has not released the specs for others to make a new 
PSU, they have not ordered any more PSU's to be made, and have 
completely left their users without any support whatsoever.

I had concerns before I purchased the Repeater, but private emails 
between myself and Electrix put those to rest. "That will be resolved 
in the next OS upgrade".... *sigh*

Its a shame... it had so much potential. However, I stress if I ever 
have to perform using it... I don't trust it, and it always works 
against me.

> gotta love the low key  echo pro specially the
> flashing circus lights when you turn it on:-)))

I spent 5 minutes playing with that feature in the shop :)
Tomorrow should be the day of the exchange..... the beginning of what 
could be musical freedom.

Take care,
- Stu