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Multiple Jam-Things

duncan wrote:

"stuart's post about syncing three line6 echopros reminded me that I wanted
to ask the list if anybody had tried doing much the same thing with two or
more jammans."

Yeah, Duncan, for years I ran a rack with three JamPersons (I even have the
obnoxious non-sexist graphic conversion kit if you ever want your
jamthingies to be politically correct.......... lol)
all in sync with a primitive old Akai midi mapper.

I have the mapper set up so that I could play with one other
person with a Jamthing and rotated who that person was in an
ad hoc group called TWO for several years in Santa Cruz.

I had the mapper set up with five presets:
1   made 1 the master and all others slaves
2    "    2           "
3    "    3           "
4    "    4           "
5  made it so that nothing synced off of anything for cool
   hemiola/abstract/ambient jams

I've been a line6/Repeater guy for the last several years
until recently when I finally got the incredible EDP, so I haven't
done a lot of syncing with them.

I'm really looking forward to playing with Per Boysen and Matthias
Grob in Sweden in a week's time because we will get to use the
famous BROTHER SYNC feature of the EDP.

I use my wind synth to 'play' my loops, modally in the REPEATER
and haven't figured out a sophisticated filtering system (yet..........he
winks at Dennis Leas who's working on a midi controller for the Repeater
using Palm technology) to let me
both drive sync with midi and pitch conversion so I just haven't worked it

You should really e-mail Max Valentino as well because he is doing really
great stuff with the new JamPerson software upgrade (which is amazing!!!!!!
different simultaneously loops, mellotron pitch
control of loops, et. al.) available from the designer Bob Sellon

Best of luck........let me know how your syncing comes along

yours, Rick Walker