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Re: Guinness World Record Looping

Well, as we learned from Kim and/or Matthias about the EDP, it shouldn't be
able to make a loop shorter than 1.5ms, because that's the length of time 
takes the software loop to cycle.  Still, good luck hitting the Record
button twice in 1.5ms.  Maybe in SUS Record mode...

Crank the sample rate up on your sound card, record a sample at 96kHz, open
it in Sound Forge, select a single sample frame, and turn on the loop
playback.  One 96,000th of a second.  Of course, you didn't capture it 
so maybe that's cheating.

Do you think from one President Bush to the next is a loop?  Will there be
more of these in the future?

Someone Inserted a cycle of Reagan after Carter...

Bah, I don't know.  I'm too young.


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> Had a laugh with some friends after my foot slipped on my Headrush.
>  I stood on both buttons in the dark, it was a split second loop,
>  then it fed on it self like a analog delay feeding back. quite funny
>  at the time. some one said, hey that could be the shortest loop ever in
> world!
>  As in 'Ralph Malph's' worlds lowest jump.
>  I wonder what the shortest and longest loops are in the universe, and do
> the
>  authorities know about it. hey an Australian's done the shortest loop 
> world!
>  I bet an american will try and do the biggest. heheheheh. sorry