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Re: Guinness World Record Looping

At 05:40 PM 5/9/2003, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:
>Well, as we learned from Kim and/or Matthias about the EDP, it shouldn't 
>able to make a loop shorter than 1.5ms, because that's the length of time 
>takes the software loop to cycle.  Still, good luck hitting the Record
>button twice in 1.5ms.  Maybe in SUS Record mode...

yes, exactly. With SUS Record it is quite easy to get micro loops less 
10ms long. Rather than holding the button down, just tap it. The loop will 
be as long as the contacts in the switch touch each other, which is not 
very long. You get loops short enough that the loop repeat rate is itself 
an audible frequency. From there you can multiply them out, insert, 
replace, overdub, etc. If you use the SUS modes of each of those fuctions, 
you can again drop in micro sized fragments of sound and get a lot of 
interesting glitchy loops out of it. (see Andre.) This is the granular 
idea that was expanded into a whole set of features in the LoopIV upgrade 
for the Echoplex.

Another fun idea is to turn the feedback down, leave overdub on (or use 
delay mode), and play an audio source through the echoplex. Drums work 
well. Then tap the record to get micro-length delays for a comb-filter 
effect. Each time you re-tap record the delay length will be slightly 
different, giving a different pitch to the sound. Adjusting the feedback 
changes the decay of it. Its a lot of fun to manipulate this stuff live.

Sorry Cameron, you didn't invent anything new, or set any records!


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