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I just saw Bill Frisell in Oakland. This was my first time seeing him play
and I was quite impressed. He seems to have abandoned his Klein for a

On topic...

He made a lot of use of loops in the show most visibly using an old 
pedal but also using a DL-4 to some extent. Reviving an age old debate on
this list, I would classify his use of loops as more of an effect than an
instrument or compositional tool. Their most prominent use in the show were
as "funny sound" breaks. (Or at least that's how I figure most of the
non-technical people in the audience probably identified them.) He does 
them from the standpoint that a good chunk of his looping included playing
with the knobs on the Digitech pedal, but they aren't an integral part of
his main instrumental performance the way they are for say LaFosse or Fripp
(to take a couple extremes) or Rick Walker for whom the funny sounds
sometimes are the heart of the piece.