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Re: DJ Rescue>>mastering

> > Those of you born after the CD came to market might
> >  marvel at all the funny things people did to make sound fit into vinyl
> > grooves.
> >  EQ, limiting, compression...  None of which need to be done for
> > being
> >  digitally encoded into pits of a CD.
> They still do it though!
> beware CD mastering by others of your pristine loop music.

This isn't the whole story. While mastering to the recording medium is no
longer required, mastering for the end user's audio system still is, as 
as applying dynamics processing, mix sweetening, equalization and level

You can do this all yourself, or get some else to do it. If someone else
does it, you get a 'fresh' set of ears on the sound, even if it is just 
buddy. If they know what they are doing, chances are it will sound better
than it would if you did it. If you hire a good professional mastering
house, they will have had years of practice, as well as lots of fancy gear
for the job.


> andy