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Re: Kim Flint questions on your design work for the EDP

> I agree with Jon's description, but I'd add that it can also be (in the
> case of the MC505, for example) actual creation of the sequences in a
> live situation.  You actually perform the beat which the machine then
> loops.  I've done this with the MC307, but it's more awkward, as
> there's no undo unless you stop the sequence.  I wanted to be able to
> take beats out of needed.  Doing this in a step record situation is
> really fun and useful.

At which point, you are looping, not sequencing.

> Another thing the Roland family of boxes does is they allow you to take
> parts out of needed, in a non destructive way.  Thus, a very complex
> beat/sequence can be created, then varied in countless ways by choosing
> different combinations of tracks and effects.
> I don't really think this differs from looping, it's just a different
> kind of tool than using something that actually captures audio.

I disagree - you are adding and removing loops - i.e. sequencing them. 
you hit the record button, you are just manipulating pre-recorded stuff.