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Delay advice

This should be an easy one.
    I'm looking for a dedicated delay processor with:
* Ten seconds (more or less) of delay time, adjustable in milliseconds or
* A digital readout of said delay time.
* Variable feedback of delay regeneration, so the DL-4 is out.
* Multiple user-definable patches.
* An effects insert would be sweet, but not absolutely necessary.
* Footswitchable functions (midi assignable or not).
* "Hold" or "Infinite" mode, i.e. zero decay, and preferably simultaneous
bypass of input.
* A backwards delay effect with no forwards signal, i.e. the Ade
Belew-with-extinct-Boss-pedal effect. Actually, I'll take this as a 
pedal if it's out there.
* Rack mount or footpedal housing.
* Under $500 street.
    If it's out there, you folks'll know. Thanks in advance.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large