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Re: Long Island Loopers

Good to know you're out there. I'm way east - east of Port Jefferson, so I
don't get to your neck of the woods, and the city is an all day trip for 
But when/if I get out and gigging, I'll let you know!

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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: Long Island Loopers

> slow down there my friend!  i am a looper (just got my
> second repeater...but haven't hooked it up yet -
> thanks todd!) and living in great neck, working in
> manhattan.  i play in an improv based
> jazz/funk/psychadelic band.  our guitarist uses a
> boomerang and we have a sax/flute/kazoo player who
> uses a dl-4.  we have yet to really experiment with
> everyone using their loopers because we are writing
> and rehearsing with stripped down basic instrument and
> amp rigs (to focus on the music first before adding
> textures and really experimenting).
> i play the bass and would love to get together for a
> little long island loop thang!  don't forget that the
> open loop at chama (does that still happen) is in the
> city (NY - we always just call it the city and get
> away with it) so you definitely have some
> representation in your area.  let me know if you want
> to get together and loopout!
> ~ evan
> > A couple of weeks ago, I put a shout out to any
> > loop/delay/soundscape folks
> > who might be on this list AND on Long Island.
> > Whenever I opened my e-mail
> > thereafter, the faint sound of desert wind could be
> > heard. So. No LI
> > loopers?
> > Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large
> > coyotelk@optonline.net
> >
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