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Re: csound for software looper?

it seems like it should be possible to write a looper in csound.  I 
wrote a looper in max/msp that seems to work well, It's been a while 
since I've worked with csound but I expect that it could be done.  If 
you are familiar with csound, try it out and let us know how it goes! 
If you're not familiar with csound you might talk to some people who 
are first and then decide whether it's worth trying to learn.  If you 
go to www.csounds.org that will have links to the mailing list.


On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 11:39 AM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

> Would csound provide a viable platform for writing a real-time software
> looper?  There are real-time versions for Windows (DirectCSound) and 
> Linux
> audio users are telling me that csound for Linux can work in realtime.
> If I looper was written in csound it would be portable to all major
> platforms (Mac/Win/Unix), provided a user's audio drivers and hardware 
> could
> get good enough latencies for real-time work.
> -J