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EFC-7 vs. FCB-1010

Hi all,
    I'm about two weeks away from ordering an EDP+.(I currently use DL-4
for my live looping)  My question is in regard to footpedals.  I had
planned to just get the EFC-7.  However, I've been thinking about
getting an FCB-1010 instead.  I know that some people use both pedals in
their set-up.  Is anybody using just a FCB-1010 to control their EDP?
If so, can you share how it's going.  I'm concerned about floorspace at
my live gigs (I play a lot of coffeeshops and small bars)  I'm also
thinking of condensing a lot of my effects pedals into some rack mounted
multi-effects processor(like a Lexicon MPX-200).  I know that the
FCB-1010 would be able to control that as well.  If I control multiple
devices(EDP+, MPX-200, POD) with one controller (FCB-1010) that would be
super.  Am I expecting too much?  Should I just get an EFC-7 and stick
with my effects pedals instead?

Thanks for your time,