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Re: Very Good News!!!!!! Looping software!!! Come On !!!

>Perhaps someone will create a max/msp patch that allows u to run 8 psp42's
>and switch the same audio input between them without glitching. That would
>be the final piece in the puzzle.

This is a grweat example of exactly what I'm looking for in a plug-in host.

<<Hrm, it seems as if you ought to be able to do something like that pretty

easily from either VBox or Spark.  Or perhaps one of the widgets in Cycling

74's Pluggo...?>>

Unfortunately, neither VBox or Spark currently offer any way to automate or
modulate routings, or anything else. And you can only control plug-in
parameters for those plug ins that offer this functionality on their own,
which is not many. Pluggo may already provide this flexibility but I won't
be able to really check this out until it becomes OSX and multi-processor
savvy. Anybody else explored its modulation and routing possibilties?