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Re: EFC-7 vs. FCB-1010

          Jesse, this actually ties in with what we've been discussing here
lately.   IT's done with a sus unrounded multiply.  I have the note number
programmed into a pedal on the FCB, and keep pressing and releasing the
pedal faster and faster to make the loop smaller and smaller.  <smile>
Jimmy George calls it the bug noises.   I dig the effect from listening to
techno and such, and heard Andre doing it with the plex for the first time
at the show we played in Palo Alto this Jan.  
   I come out of it in several ways, and on that recording, was using
insert sus to then add many small sections to the tiny loop to make it
larger again, and create another rhythm to work from.  Another way I've
just started coming out of that with, is remultiplying the window length
once the loop is tiny, to make the loop larger again, and then undoing
through it to come back to a slower rhythmic section, and then build again
from there.  It's  a lot of fun!  -HOpe this helps...  



At 11:22 PM 5/14/03 -0600, you wrote:
>    That's great!  How did you do the smaller and smaller granulation at 
>end of that tune???  Changing the start point?  Or were you triggering 
>something???  That's awesome!
>    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!
>    Awesome!
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>>   John, I'm currently just using an FCB 1010 to control my EDP.   It 
>> quite nicely.   You can hear a track from a recent coffee shop 
>> at:
>> http://home.earthlink.net/~thefates
>>   It's called Naked Blues, and is located on the music page.   All of 
>> EDP control is done with just the FCB.
>> Smiles,
>> Cara


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