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1010 Notes & mpx1 tempo (was RE: midi control SW sampler live/hands free)

I sit gloriously corrected!  I completely misinterpreted the manual on this
point.  Thanks Goddess and andy!  hmmm, so, assuming my mpx1 will allow
incoming Note ONs to tap tempo (as I believe it can), what will be the
ramification of the fact that when one presses down on a footswitch, a Note
ON (vel 64) is sent, and when one releases the footswitch, a Note ON (vel 
is sent.  Would the mpx1 treat both Note ON events as tap triggers?  or 
the threshold setting on the mpx1 correspond to velocity value not note

I'll look in the manual tonight, but my curiosity is quite piqued now ...


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> > (the 1010 does
> >  NOT send Note OFFs)
> the FCB1010 sends note-OFF when you release the footswitch
> (or an equivalent note-ON with vel=0)