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Re: Very Good News!!!!!! Looping software!!! Come On !!!

At 10:47 AM 5/15/2003 -0400, dcoffin@taunton.com wrote:

>Unfortunately, neither VBox or Spark currently offer any way to automate 
>modulate routings, or anything else. And you can only control plug-in
>parameters for those plug ins that offer this functionality on their own,
>which is not many.

Nuts!  I had no idea that those programs were so crippled.  No wonder I 
don't see people using them as often as I'd expect.

>Pluggo may already provide this flexibility but I won't
>be able to really check this out until it becomes OSX and multi-processor
>savvy. Anybody else explored its modulation and routing possibilties?

More grist for the mill:

As I mentioned, I don't personally own Pluggo, but I knew I'd seen 
something relevant regarding it.  Here's a review snippet on Pluggo 3 from 
Grooves Magazine, Issue 9, page 53:

"All of Pluggo's plug-ins can interoperate via the PluggoBus, which works 
'behind' your sequencer to provide sophisticated control and audio routing 
between many of the included plug-ins.  For example, the included 
OneByEight plug-in accepts a single channel of audio and routes it between 
eight audio outputs via a mouse-controlled matrix.  Each of the outputs 
then be routed to the effect's left or right output or to any of six other 
destinations on the PluggoBus...."

I've read elsewhere that there's also a VST wrapper which, I believe, 
should allow you to load other plug-ins into the PluggoBus.  In fact, I've 
heard it suggested that such a configuration is a good solution to provide 
VSTi automation on host platforms with hampered synchronization 


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