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Re: FCB1010 vs. Loopers-Delight caged deathmatch...

Hi Rich,

So far, I've used the FCB1010 with Ableton Live to record and play back
loops, and the expression pedals to change some continuous controls.  Live
has a MIDI Map mode (press the MIDI button on the upper right hand corner).
You can then select anything that's highlighted, and then press the
appropriate pedal on your FCB1010 (or swing an expression pedal its full
travel), and Live will "learn" that you want that pedal to control that
item.  I use MIDI notes to record on multiple tracks, to play back and/or
restart those recordings, and to play various samples.  One frustrating
thing: Live doesn't allow MIDI control of it's track pitch parameter. :(
Seems like an oversight...  Hope they fix it sometime soon.

I have to say that this combo, combined with 2 EDPs, makes for an amazing
rhythmic combo...  and can also create beautiful, ever changing ambient

Yes, you can use the FCB1010, or other MIDI controllers, to control an EDP.
There's a lot on that topic in the archives, on the Looper's Delight
website, and in the EDP manual.

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> Hi Doug,
> Can you elaborate more on how you are using the FC1010 with Abelton Live?
> trying to explore and use a midi controller with my ableton live and not
> much luck doing anything ;-)
> On another topic, is is possible to use just a midi controller pedal 
> FC1010) instead of the pedal which comes with the EDP to do basic loop
> start/stop, inserts and all that? Trying to minimize the setup.
> Thanks,
> Rich
> Quoting Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net>:
> >
> > I actually use a combination of the FCB1010 (which also controls my
> > and my Ableton Live setup), and the EFC-7 to control 2 EDPs.  Which one
> > stomp depends on what I'm trying to do.
> >
> > Doug
> >
> >