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Re: FCB1010 vs. Loopers-Delight caged deathmatch...

> "the FCB1010 sends note-OFF when you release the footswitch
> (or an equivalent note-ON with vel=0)."
> ...Hmm, so which is it?  Note-off, or note-on (velocity 0)?  Wouldn't 
> much sense to me if it was to send a second note-on.  It can't possibly 
> that.  Unless that was somehow a programmable option for special

It does.  It's not programmable - it's standard and built-in.  When you
depress the footswitch, the FCB1010 sends the Note On at velocity 64, and
when you release the footswitch, it sends Note On velocity 0 (which is the
equivalent of "Note Off").  My understanding is that Note On velocity 0 is 
more common way to denote Note Off.

> Could someone please clear this up for us?   If the FCB sends note-on on
> footswitch depress, and note-off on footswitch release then I would say 
> *does* support sustained presses and hence would be great for EDP
> manipulation.

It does.  It will.  It can. :)

I actually use a combination of the FCB1010 (which also controls my G-Major
and my Ableton Live setup), and the EFC-7 to control 2 EDPs.  Which one I
stomp depends on what I'm trying to do.