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Loops as techniques extension, was Re: Frisell

chrismandel@juno.com wrote:
> i'd agree that his compositions arn't really loop based (other than 
>somewhat on his solo album..."Gost Ship"

  I think its called).  but loops are a big part of his sound these days.

  they are kinda rudementary from a looper's perspective, but ground 
breaking from a jazz stand point. -chris

There aint a damn thang "rudimentary" about Frisell's loops! Anymore 
than his guitar playing is "rudimentary" :-)  If you see him perform 
live you can really appreciate the consumate skill with which he 
approaches looping as an extenstion of his guitar. The only other person 
I can think of who has such a seemless loop technique would be David 
Torn. Course, that Nels Cline aint no slouch either...