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Re: EDP Momentary granulation technique...

The pitch of the granulation in my example MP3 was an Eb, which wouldn't
work in every tonal context, so I went back and programmed 12 more versions
of the granular press/release, adding or omitting spacer bytes, for an
entire C to C octave.  So, depending on what, if any, key is happening
around me, I can choose "right" or "wrong" notes for the granulization.

If anyone out there has a PC1600X and would like the preset, I can dump it
and send it to you.

The pitches of the granularizations are close except for:

G = slightly sharp
Ab = extremely sharp
A = slightly flat
B = extremely flat

You could probably program octave down versions of these notes that are out
of tune, and get them more in tune, but I don't feel like it right now.


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> YEAH!!!  thanks for the mp3, time for a better footcontroller than the
> FCB1010...
> Jon
> > easier.
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