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Re: FCB1010 vs. Loopers-Delight caged deathmatch...

 To add a bit of clarification to this, a note-on and a note-off command
are the same length (3 bytes), but using 'running status', which reduces
the data to 2 bytes by dropping the command (ie. use this new data with
the previous command) then a note-on with a velocity of 0 would drop to
2 bytes. I'm not sure how this becomes 'a lot less data', but I suppose
the cumultive effect might be 'a lot less'... :)

 Also, I'm not sure why Stephen wants to see it go away, but I find midi
to be a great vehicle for controlling devices, including things other than
just notes, such as parameters in synth patches and effects units, as well
as getting/sending configurations to devices. I'm not saying I wouldn't
like to see an improved version come out (faster transport medium, better
support for thigns like string instruments, etc) but, just because the 
version lacks this, doesn't mean I would to see the current version go 

 anyways, that's my 2cents...


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>Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 23:35:59 -0700 (PDT)
>From: S V G <vsyevolod@yahoo.com>
>Subject: Re: FCB1010 vs. Loopers-Delight caged deathmatch...
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>     When MIDI was first implemented, there was note-on and note-off 
>for every note. 
>Then some whiz kid figured out that it took a lot less information (in
>of bytes) to just
>send a note-on command of 0.  Now I believe all manufacturers use this
>     I would love to see MIDI fade into the obscurity it deserves sooner
>rather than later...
>            Stephen
>    <<<Doug Cox wrote...
>It does.  It's not programmable - it's standard and built-in.  When you
>depress the footswitch, the FCB1010 sends the Note On at velocity 64, and
>when you release the footswitch, it sends Note On velocity 0 (which is
>equivalent of "Note Off").  My understanding is that Note On velocity 0
>more common way to denote Note Off.
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