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Re: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help

why not just use a cheap sampler and assign each prerecorded loop to a
different note? have the sample loop as you hold the key and stop when you
release the note. or you can also have the loop stop when you hit another
key if you don't want to hold the note for the whole section. a used $200
alesis qsr sampler and a used $300 roland pk-5 (or a fc100 connected to a
midisolutions box to convert program changes to note numbers) would be an
inexpensive solution to do such a thing. the down side is that the band 
need to sync to the pre-recorded stuff. in effect, you'd have a
foot-controlled looper. you could even create a 'click' loop to get the 
started in the right tempo. cheap and stable.

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Subject: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help

> Hi,
> I want to begin performing some of my music live.
> I'm looking for a Very Stable machine/unit/box that I can load/record my
> VST32/SX songs into and play live with a drummer and bass player.
> Here's the hard part, it seems.  I want to establish one or more loop
> points in each song that I can trigger (preferably via midi) so that a
> particular piece of the song will seamlessly loop until I give the 
> to stop looping and continue playing thru the song.
> I've talked to Tascam, Yamaha and Roland.  They say they don't have
> anything that will do something that is such a no-brainer for Cubase and
> other sofware programs.  I just want to loop certain pre-determined parts
> of song - seamlessly - glitch free.  Is that too much to ask?  I hope 
> I don't want to use Cubase because it's not stable for a live
performance -
> imo.  Too scary for me!
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> M...
> Btw, someone has mentioned the Roland CDX-1, but I can't find the manual
> the web.