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Looping Laptop 101 via PSP 42

Hello friends,

Well, I can’t always lug my 6 space looping rack around NYC & so I want to 
get my G3 powerbook out of the desk & set up for looping as an alternate 
setup. I have read some good reviews from grooves magazine about both the 
PSP42 & 84 so I was hoping to maybe build a setup but I need some help….

1. I have a ‘old’ G3 powerbook 500meg 512 ram running 9.2. Should I 

2. I was checking out the aardvark USB3. The price & size seems right. I 
would just run my Chapman stick mono through a few petals into the 
interface. So, I want to keep it simple

3. In addition to getting either the 42 or 84, I wanted to get a post 
processor. Reverb & a  maybe  a good mangier…

4. What would be a good BUT cheap VST host for yhe 42? Or do I have to get 
Logic ($$) setup etc?

5. Presently, if I can’t bring the rack out I just use my trusty old 
Digitech Echo +. Maybe I should just stick with that & forget about this 
laptop idea?

Thanks for help.


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