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motu 828 in Windows XP stories??

HI all,

I'm trying to get a borrowed MOTU 828 to work in Windows
XP. Installed version 2 of the drivers. THe drivers look
like they installed correctly. I see all the outputs in
Sonar, Cubase, and Windows Sound Properties. The ASIO
driver is available, and the Firewire Control Panel seems
to run properly. In fact, in the control panel, when I
change sample rates to 48k the light changes on the
breakout box too, so I know they're communicating.

However, I get no signal. No matter where I play audio
(Winamp, Sonar, or Cubase) I get no signal to my speakers
and no lights dancing on the 828's output LEDs.

Any similar stories, or solution ideas?

I'm considering the new 828 mkII that's due in June, but I
don't want to drop $750 and have it not work with my




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