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Re: hardware MIDI looper??

The Moibus, I mean. Stupid frames.

> I've been looking at this (http://www.future-retro.com/) which I think
> can do what you are describing. It isn't even very expensive.

--On Monday, May 19, 2003 9:20 PM -0700 dylan <dylanhassinger@yahoo.com> wrote:

> are there any hardware MIDI loopers out there? here's what
> I want to do: I want a unit, let's call it a "MIDIrang,"
> where I can tap a tempo (and a loop length, for instance 8
> beats or something) then feed it a line from a MIDI
> controller. and i want it to repeat that line (through the
> MIDIrang's MIDI output) so i can feed it to a bunch of
> synths and mix the outputs of those synths together.
> I know the MS2000 and other synths have step sequencers
> that would repeat a pattern like this, but the pattern
> can't be created or replaced on the fly (aka LIVE)... or
> can it? any ideas?
> MIDIrang where are you????
> P.S. i guess a software option could be cool too. somebody
> I think mentioned an opensource or free MIDI looper a while
> back, any other options? Thanks!
> - dylan
> dylanhassinger@yahoo.com
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