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RE: hardware MIDI looper??

as an experienced looper (2 jam-mans, 2 repeaters, 2 dl4's and an old powertran MCS1, aswelll as numerous 1/4" revoxes), /and/ owner of several midi hardware sequencers, including a mobius, let me chip in my 2 cents-worth here.
the nearest I've managed to get, functionally, to achieving in the midi domain what is possible with audio looping devices, is with either the alesis MMT8 (which sometimes lets you drop into record while it's running) or an anatek pocket-sequencer, and I'm not sure about this latter because it stopped working altogether while I was trying this out.
however- I have discovered a mode on the doepfer schaltwerk that seems to run at least one track at a time in some sort of overdub/record mode. you start by enabling steps (16 per track, 8 tracks) in the rhythm that you want the part to play, and then play notes into those steps on-the-fly. the technique relies on you playing the note just before the step is triggered, so that it doesn't end up being stored as the previous step, but it lets you "hide" some notes by switching steps on and off or changing the track's loop point. also, the sequencer stores velocity as-played; an attached sound module can be made to do all sorts of strange things in response to velocity- a new patch in my emu module use velocity switching to link a patch to two delayed versions of itself, one is 1/32 late and the other 1/16 late, so playing harder causes a tempo-locked triplet or trill effect. 
it would be great if the mobius did this too, but when I wrote to it's designer with some other "ideas" (I didn't think they were criticisms but maybe he took it wrong...) he didn't respond.
oh well.


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