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Re: hardware MIDI looper??


     If I read you correctly, you want to set up a MIDI sequencer to a 
specific tempo and length
and then record into it live?  This seems like a common enough trait of 
many of the sequencers out
there, though I only have experience with the Emu XL-7/MP-7/Proteus 2500 
variety of command
station.  It's not a MIDI looper by my own definition of looping which 
would include some sort of
feedback level to allow the sounds to fade out as new lines are being 
added.  Though it seems like
it would do everything you are asking for.  Tap tempo, live record, 
overdub, and erase, multitrack
like the repeater though in this case you have 16 tracks to choose from, 
adjustable loop lengths
and bar/time signature changes, and much more.  I'd stay away from 
computers at this point, Emu is
making a pretty solid and dependable product these days.

     Of course mixing the synths together can't be done by the sequencer, 
it needs a line level
mixer (I know you probably know that, just making sure...)


<<<<<<<<<are there any hardware MIDI loopers out there? here's what
I want to do: I want a unit, let's call it a "MIDIrang,"
where I can tap a tempo (and a loop length, for instance 8
beats or something) then feed it a line from a MIDI
controller. and i want it to repeat that line (through the
MIDIrang's MIDI output) so i can feed it to a bunch of
synths and mix the outputs of those synths together.

I know the MS2000 and other synths have step sequencers
that would repeat a pattern like this, but the pattern
can't be created or replaced on the fly (aka LIVE)... or
can it? any ideas?

MIDIrang where are you????

P.S. i guess a software option could be cool too. somebody
I think mentioned an opensource or free MIDI looper a while
back, any other options? Thanks!

- dylan>>>>>>>>>

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