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Re: hardware MIDI looper??

My wishes for a hardware MIDI looper:

* Define the loop length on the fly rather than having to think in advance
about it being x number of bars at y tempo. Or I want to split the
difference and specify the tempo in beats per minute but not lock myself in
with respect to the number of beats. (For example, I might set things to 
bpm and start playing a groove only to discover that I seemed to be feeling
like 7/4 today.)

* I'd like to be able to multiply out a loop so that I can record the basic
pulse, multiply it out, and then ornament it

* If I can't have feedback, then I want easy ways to switch tracks, switch
sounds assigned to tracks, and mute and unmute tracks -- which I guess
points out that I want multi-track support

* I want the ability to erase notes while the loop is playing -- again
particularly important when feedback isn't available

* It needs to loop controller information as well. Actually, in some ways,
this would be easier with respect to implementing a feedback capability.

* I want to save and restore loops without stopping playback -- a la using
Next Loop on the EDP (though even there it could be better)

* I want to be able to pull in loops over the top of other loops a la using
an EDP as a sampler or more specifically thinking about a real time version
of recording and playback for something like Roland's RPS functionality
(which you have to go set up ahead of time).

* There should be essentially no functions that require me stopping play

How much of that can the Command Stations do?


P.S. I'm torn right now between:

* A Command Station
* A MachineDrum
* Sticking with playing my HandSonic into my EDP
* Supplementing the latter with something cheap like an Electribe

I'd also like a step sequencer but that's distinctly different from a