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Re: best place to buy an apple...

You might take a look at this site.


They list new and factory-refurbished, rebates ect.


On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 08:40 AM, Evan Meyers wrote:

okay, the time has come...

the hours have been worked and the money has been
saved and now it is time to put together my project
studio. i'm looking at getting a MAC G4 desktop. i
don't want anything slower than 800 processor speed
and obviously i plan to load it with probably above
700 meg of ram. where should i turn to get the best
price. i've had some bad luck with used equipment,
but i've heard some good and bad stories with
refurbished equipment. what is the general consnsus
on this list? should i go through apple or a dealer
or does anyone know a really good place to get the
most bang for my buck? the computer will obviously
only be used for audio recording.

at this point, it looks like i'll be going with a
digi001 (i'd love to get the 002, but the price is
just way too much for my budget).

any and all help is appreciated!


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