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Re: why pot before looping?

"Squid Loop" <tentacle_joe@yahoo.com> said..

> That's like the classic saying - I play better when
> I'm stoned ( so you think ), I drive better after a
> few drinks ( so you think ) -
> It's a little sad if you need an external substance
> for creativity. And this coming from a regular pot
> smoker.
> When I use to drink I would always get a few in before
> every gig - now that I don't drink I notice what a
> change my playing has taken if I compare the tapes
> from before to now - but if it helps you write Sgt.
> Pepper then do it I guess :)

I'm reminded of the bit Bill Cosby (before he sold Pudding Pops and
everything else) did about Cocaine (a brain-destroyer if there ever was
one!), where someone tried to get him to have some, saying, "It enhances
your personality!"

"But what if you're an asshole?" was Bill's question.

Bingo, some substances enhance some things, and muddy others.  The effect 
different from person to person, since everybody's personality is also
different.  I don't believe that any drug - that includes alcohol, O
Anti-Pot Folks - makes you creative.  If you ain't creative, you'll 
be even LESS so under the influence.  If you are creative, you MIGHT tend 
be more creative, but not necessarily so.  Even the "fun element" changes
from person to person.

Your mileage therefore will indeed vary. :)

Steve Goodman
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