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Re: Stoned animals

From: "Louie Angulo" <laab2000us@yahoo.com>
> Chill out brother!
> I saw an interesting footage in the discovery channel
> a few months ago about animals getting stone for
> recreation as well as humans,it was the funniest thing
> iīve ever seen, i was literaly on the floor
> laughing(sober by the way).
> It showed how cats chew on a plant(canīt remember the
> name of it)at a certain time of the year and it makes
> them feel very playful,gigglish and happy so they
> start doing weird things with their feet(could we call
> it glitching?) rolling on their backs, scratching
> their noses, etc.Then they showed monkeys getting high
> on rotten fermented fruts which contain plenty of
> alcohol.The interesting thing was that there were
> monkeys who got drunk heavily, others like to get
> drunk moderately and some didnīt like it at all.Then
> they showed dears who like to chew on hallucinogens
> they find on the fields,But the funniest thing in the
> world was how bees get drunk from fermentation and
> start fights but they are so well organized that they
> have their own bouncers who separate them!
> cheers
> Louie

I recommend "Animals are Beautiful People", a Jamie Uys film (the guy who
did "The Gods Must Be Crazy").  There's a great sequence with trees with
rotting fruit on them in the Kalahari (I think), and the animals from
elephants to monkeys go wild.  The hangover scene might be staged, but it's
great anyway.

Where I grew up in NJ we had a large back yard, with a huge pyrochantha 
row along it.  Beautiful orange berries, inedible by us of course, and for
the most part untouched by the birds except during droughts.  And then 
was that time when there was a late frost in April, and somehow the berries
fermented on the bushes.

The birds went wild, scarfing up these berries like crazy.  And they got
drunker than one can imagine birds being.  I was late to school because we
were laughing our asses off looking out the window at the birds swaying in
the wind, like Charlie Chaplin's performance in "The Cure" (no, he never
played with Robert Smith!).  The next day it was very quiet to say the
least. :)

Steve Goodman
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