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Re: Andre Lafosse Freebies and sales...

Hi Andy,
What i meant is you will end up selling a lot more
records this way through the world than not exposing
it at all on the internet,maybe not in the short run 
but in the long run i am sure it will pay off.As we
recorded our first independent CD we gave away over
200 free CDs and somewhere along the line we thought
this is not working.But somehow and somewhere the
promotion payed off. Now it has sold more than 10,000
(an Italian clothing store luckily buying 8,000 at
once)and the rest at concerts.The music i am talking
about here is more mass oriented of course.But all of
our money has gone to pay for taxes,second CD
expenses,production etc.So we really havenīt seen much
of it for us.
Iīve produced our second CD and it hasnīt been
anything but hard work and headaches and i often ask
myself is it worth all the trouble?
I think what you are doing here is something quite new
and innovative so it is going to take perhaps more
time to catch on. I also couldnīt tell you how big is
your target group but from loopers delight i would
imagine not that big.On the other hand perhaps you
havenīt notice how you are already influencing other
guitarrists.I also wouldnīt say you are just giving it
all away,see it as an investment.But gathering info.
about buyers like you are doing is a good way to start
a marketing strategie for your present and future
projects so hang in there man.

--- Andre LaFosse <altruist@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Louie Angulo wrote:
> > I think through the
> > information Andre freely gives out at the end it
> only
> > increases his web traffic and i think André will
> sell
> > a lot of records through the world anyway!
> Well you're absolutely right on the first part:
> somewhere over 15,000
> seperate sound file downloads in the last 16 months
> or so, and about
> 70-100 unique visitors per day, with the EDP
> analysis pages being the
> main draw.
> Selling a lot of records, unfortunately, is still in
> the realm of the
> hypothetical - in the same period that 15,000 sound
> files were
> downloaded, about 30 CDs were sold through my
> website.  Even someone
> with math as bad as mine can figure out that's not a
> very good deal for me.
> Web traffic in particular, and noteriety in general,
> in and of
> themselves, do NOT mean that I'm generating income.
> About a year and a half ago I decided to see what I
> could do with the
> Echoplex if I really rolled up my sleeves and tried
> to dive deeply into
> it.  That meant making the EDP my primary musical
> focus, and I spent
> most all of my time and energy on Echoplex-related
> projects -
> practicing, recording, writing the analysis pages,
> and now
> mixing/mastering/coordinating the release of a new
> CD.
> The downside is that, while a few thousand folks are
> reading my web site
> and listening to my music, I've had to start working
> a day job again for
> the first time in almost four years.  Tonight I
> spent five and a half
> hours in a market research call center, phoning
> strangers to ask them
> questions about how well their door frames insulate
> against outside
> weather, and what kind of light bulbs they use in
> their front porch.  
> Now, that's a better fate than assembling Nike shoes
> for $2.00 an hour,
> or crawling out of rubble in Baghdad right now.  But
> when I think about
> all the traffic going through my site, and how
> little of an impact it
> has on my actual day-to-day existence, it makes me
> wonder how much time
> I may have wasted by focusing so intensely on the
> EDP, as opposed to
> more bread-and-butter things that might actually
> lead to my generating
> some income from the music-related skills I've been
> cultivating for
> about 25 years. 
> The fact of the matter is that there's a hell of a
> lot I can do
> musically that has nothing to do with live looping,
> all of which is at
> least as financially viable as giving away free
> mp3's to untold
> thousands of listeners.  If looping doesn't bring in
> some bread, my
> guitar works just as well without an EDP in the
> signal flow, and it
> feels a hell of a lot better on my hand than the
> telephone reciever I've
> just spent five and a half hours holding up to my
> ear.
> So, I'm very grateful that people are interested in
> what I'm doing, I'm
> happy to have made a positive impact for some folks,
> and I'm
> particularly gratified that Matthias and Kim's
> genius is finally getting
> a little bit of the attention it's deserved for so
> long.  When
> Normalized is released, perhaps the "free" exposure
> I've built up will
> finally pay off, literally.  That's ultimately up to
> the listeners out
> there, and whether or not my latest work will be
> worth ten-odd dollars
> to them.
> And in the interest of visualization, maybe next
> time I'll register
> "Opportunist Music Dot Com" as a web address.
> Anyway...
> --Andre LaFosse
> http://www.altruistmusic.com


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