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Re: Andre Lafosse Freebies and sales...

On Wed, 21 May 2003 23:11:22 -0700, Andre LaFosse <altruist@earthlink.net> 
> Now, that's a better fate than assembling Nike shoes for $2.00 an hour,
> or crawling out of rubble in Baghdad right now.  But when I think about
> all the traffic going through my site, and how little of an impact it
> has on my actual day-to-day existence, it makes me wonder how much time
> I may have wasted by focusing so intensely on the EDP, as opposed to
> more bread-and-butter things that might actually lead to my generating
> some income from the music-related skills I've been cultivating for
> about 25 years.

I would look at it this way...you've developed a unique sound from 
so much time on the EDP.  But most importantly (unlike your first album) 
you'll be able to do it live.  And as wonderful as the web is as a 
promotional tool, playing live is still where it's at for selling cd's.  I 
think there is a good chance that your time spent will pay 
since it's such a unique thing you're doing.  I'd imagine it catches ppl's 
attention in a live situation. Then your webpage would supplement that.  
start lining up those dates, dude.

ernesto schnack