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Re: OT: Daniel Lanois

oh man!! i was never a real daniel lanois guy-ya know "producer to the
stars"-"bob dylan's go to guy"-"friends w/ emmylou"-etc. but he did an
'instore' @ borders here in sf.ca. a coupla weeks ago and i was blown 
he had a bass guy and guitar guy and he did some songs from his new album
<shine> and it was just the sweetest, most heartfelt performance i've seen
in a long time-so inspirational. he sat down a few times and played these
haunting solo pedal steel instros and there were a hundred people in his
he did a meet&greet after and i got to talk to him fer a minute...i
mentioned my love of <lexicon pcm42s> and he agreed that it was a sweet 
that he has been known to use on recordings...
i left totally uplifted and inspired-what a rare treat.
he is comin back to town in june and i hope to be there.
about as musical as it ever gets


> Ok, so I dropped some bit on the paypal for LD, so I'll post one more OT
> post ..
> Saw Daniel Lanois tonight .. no looping ;-) .. but it was such a heartful
> show .. and Brian Blade is a ****ing awesome drummer ... whoa ...