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OT: Daniel Lanois

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's coming to CO, here's his calendar
though ..

First of all, if you've never heard the Emmy Lou Harris album "Wreaking
Ball", you owe it to your ears ... the cover of Hendrix's "May This Be 
is worth the price alone, talk about fun with compression ... stand back 
Brian Blade's on that album too, Neil Young's on a couple tracks, 
a fantastic album ..

The show was definitely reminiscient of the Shine album, simple but 
They arrived late for the Boston show (love that Boston traffic!  
when the Red Socks play Fenway ... like last night .. poor Daniel! ;-), but
I didn't see or hear anyone complaining.  Daniel and Brian literally just
walked up on stage and started playing, Daniel sat down behind the pedal
steel and just took off with a beautiful intro piece.  He had three other
guitars with him (strat, les paul, and what looked like an gibson r&d of
some kind) and an amp that looked like an AC30 cabinet with all the logos
removed, I have no idea what was inside.  I thought Daniel's vocals sounded
better live than on any recording I've heard.  There was a woman singing
backup on a few tracks, I didn't catch her name unfortunately, although
apparently DL just found her along the way.  I was in the back most of the
time, but brother LD member Peter (yo!) Koniuto was pretty much sitting at
Lanois' feet the whole time, so I'll defer to him on what was on stage (I
can't remember what the pedal steel he was playing was, and what mic was he
using for vocals?  Looked about the same size and shape as an akg 414 back
where I was *shrug*).  One thing I did see though, were two people sitting
right in front of Lanois' pedals who had their drinks in plastic cups
sitting on the stage amoungst his cabling!  Gah!  Please don't do that
kids!!  ;-)

This was the first time I'd ever seen Brian Blade play, I was simply blown
away by his feel and articulation.  He seemed to have pretty free rein as
far as playing went, frankly, I'd trust his judgement too.  Even with just
guitar, drums and vocals they filled the air between them.  I've always
found Lanois' guitar playing to sound really rootsy and unrefined, but very
unconventional and graceful at the same time; a weird mix of noisy amp, a
smattering of fudged notes and inconsistent damping, swimming in and out of
soaring, glittering bell tones and bayou blues licks that don't quite act
like they should.

But 'heartful' is probably the single most useful word to describe it.  
been waiting almost 10 years to see DL play live, it was worth it.


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> oooo tell me more ml. yes i saw blade with frisell in austin,
> he was amazing
> indeed! never have seen dl but he's one of my fav producers.
> i have his 1st
> 2 solo cds and love them. i wondering if they will come to denver co?
> thanks for the heads up, more details please : )
> jg
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> > Ok, so I dropped some bit on the paypal for LD, so I'll
> post one more OT
> > post ..
> >
> > Saw Daniel Lanois tonight .. no looping ;-) .. but it was
> such a heartful
> > show .. and Brian Blade is a ****ing awesome drummer ... whoa ...
> >
> >