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Re: Pot debate

> isn't looping fun?
> I love reading and talking about looping.
> I love what looping does for my state of mind.
> And often the state of mind of those listening to me.
> isn't looping fun . . .
> let's talk about looping!

I tried! :)  I'm reminded of an old Woolf cartoon from the old New Yorker
which looped on its own (you know, before it became Vanity Fair? [wink])
(Oh, oh, I'll NEVER get a cartoon in there now!)

Woman talking to smouldering man at kitchen table: "You know, Silvester, I
was talking to Madge and told her that we need a change of pace.  I think 
do need a change of pace.  What do you think, don't you agree with me when 
say we need a change of pace...?"

Steve Goodman
EarthLight Productions
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