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Re: "Stoners" and Otherwise

Venue - St Luke's Church
Artist in question - David Friesen
actual cause of spliff-like smell - a light too close to a curtain... ;o)

a very bizarre moment


Stephen Goodman wrote:
> I remember a show Steve Lawson had in 2001 with another fellow, an
> (sorry, can't remember his name despite being painfully straight as hell)
> who at one point smelled the sweet familiar scent - which in retrospect
> might have been a fox, whose pee smells an awful lot like skunk weed
> that I've suspected that some folks put fox 'essence' on the stuff they
> to add a false 'value for money' element - yes, I *hate* the phrase) - 
> nonetheless, he asked something like "Is that grass?" and said if someone
> were they should go outside.  The venue would've been a bit odd, as it's
> main chambers of a church.  In retrospect I think it was a fox letting
> outside, as I've smelled more fox pee in the air than dope in the