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Even more OT: why pot before looping?

"Tim" <tn81782@yahoo.com> put forth:
> Children using drugs, and using them irresponsibly,
> isn't a good example to use when arguing against pot.
> Especially when many teachers are for pumping their
> students full of pharmaceuticals, which is utter
> hypocrisy. I don't smoke cigarettes, don't drink, and
> I enjoy weed and a few psychedelics. I started as an
> adult at the age of 18.


Sorry, please don't say you believe all that crap that $cientologists like
Lisa Marie Presley and Isaac Hayes have been sent out to say about the 
psychologists" drugging our children into submission.  $cientology is a ufo
mind-control nazi-style cult, pure and simple.  Check out
alt.religion.scientology for a few weeks, or http://www.xenu.net for the
truth about their rabid campaign against Ritalin etc., as well as their
"Black PR" persecution campaigns on anyone who disagrees with them 

I'll not discuss this further here.

Steve Goodman
EarthLight Productions
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