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Re: I want to post my Live-Looping research paper

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From: "Geoff Smith" <geoff.smith15@btopenworld.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 15:47:PM
Subject: I want to post my Live-Looping research paper

> Hi everyone
> I've almost finished my history of live-looping research paper and I 
> like to post it up onto this list to see what you think. However I have
> it twice and it has obviously been rejected.
> its 13000words long is there a size limit to posting something?
> I could post it in chunks ....
> does anyone know if there is a ruff word limit to a post so i can work 
> how much to post in each chunk???

I had a similar problem when I attempted to post the hilariously-named 
Online Competition Act in 2001.  I suggest webbing it, and providing us 
the link.

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