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Re: Even more OT: why pot before looping?

On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 04:33  pm, Paulzric@aol.com wrote:

> <snip yet again>

You don't like drugs.
You are anti-drugs.
Drugs don't work for you...
Because they don't work for you, it means that they don't work for 
anyone else.
Because you know people who have fucked up on drugs, or have fucked up 
yourself at some stage, you think that everyone who takes drugs is 
making a mistake.

You blatantly ignore other people's opinions and viewpoints because you 
feel so strongly about this subject.

We understand and accept that. You have your viewpoint. Maybe you 
should understand and accept that other people have differing opinions 
than you.

Remember that most people on this list are old enough to make their own 
decisions, and do not need a parental figure to tell them what is right 
and what is wrong.

(Christ... and to think that all this was sparked off because I 
admitted that I liked to smoke when I play)

So please don't judge me, stereotype me or lecture me or anyone else on 
this list about this subject.
You don't have the fucking right.

Any chance of getting back to talking about looping?

Thank you.