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Re: Even more OT: why pot before looping?

In a message dated 5/22/2003 8:53:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
idropetod@yahoo.com writes:

> I personally love the marijuana.

And it loves you equally, my requited friend. Let my proselytizing shift. 

Actually, pot is an ideal way to compose. It opens up your mind
and makes you look at the commercially conditioned world 
around us in abberant but beautiful new ways. It stimulates
limbic and deep regions of an otherwise sleeping mind. Pot, when used 
regularly, creates a feeling of peace and calm. All 
those preaching types just don't understand it. They think 
they know what they're talking about, but they're actually
missing the point. The point is that when you get high, you're
actually communicating on a "higher" level. That's why it's
called getting "high." You join a cosmic council of consciousness and 
begin to view the world 
in a 5, 6, even 10 dimensional view, as apposed to the 3, maybe 4 if 
you're lucky, flat world view that the power-that-
be want you at. You begin to realize that there are so many
potentials to every action, even bundles of probabilities
swirling around in a cosmic dance of Siva, the creator and
destroyer of the universe. You become quarky. And that is 
exactly the desired state everyone should be in. I think more
and more people should get high. Then all the military minds
wouldn't have anyone to operate their Paladins or FAASVs or 
any of the other violent weapons created by "straight" engineers.
It is scary if you think about it. The clearer your mind, the 
more dangerous you become to society and humanity at large.
No one who uses pot is violent or fires weapons. It's all
good. Just relax dude and spark one up. Inhale that rich, blue
cloud and blow it out and ahhhh...turn on a little Santana, and everything 
is alright!