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2003 Big Sur Experimental Music Festival (Sound/Shift)

The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival 2003 presents
Sound/Shift Big Sur

Saturday, May 31st 12:00 - 8:00 pm
Sunday, June 1st, 12:00 - 8:00 pm

Henry Miller Memorial Library
Highway One
Big Sur, California USA
$10 for 1 day / $15 for both days

Since 1999, The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival has presented a
wide variety of adventurous modern music: electronic, experimental improv,
noise, free-jazz and ambient music from artists across the USA, Europe and
Australia. This year, the festival will be presented in the revolutionary
format of a "Sound/Shift". This type of event, the brainchild of Baltimore
event organizer John Berndt, brings large numbers of musicians together to
collaborate in unpredicted ways, often with stunning results. For the Big
Sur event, approximately 100 musicians will be placed in overlapping
shifts, often with people they've never played with before. The group 
from 3 to 30, with an average of 4-5 musicians performing at any given 
With at least one personnel switch every 10 minutes, the audience will be
treated to the equivalent of 96 different ensembles over the course of two
8-hour "pieces". What does 7.5 tons of musician sound like? Come find out!
This is a benefit for the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

A complete listing of musicians is below. For a schedule, please visit:
For a list of local accomodations, check out

If you're trying to find the place on a mapping website, it's very
close to 48865 Highway One, Big Sur.

For more info, contact Ernesto Diaz-Infante (itzat@earthlink.net) or
Matt Davignon (mattdavignon@hotmail.com).

99 Hooker (Sax/Spoken Word), Glenn Bach (Laptop), Joe Balestreri 
(Trumpet/Laptop), John Berndt (Reeds), C J Reaven Borosque (Prepared 
Guitar), Brassiosaurus (Trumpet/Trombone/Tuba), Jon Brumit 
(Turntable/Sampler/FX), Jessica Catron (Cello), Michael Cooke 
(Woodwinds/Sax), Phil Curtis (Laptop), Andre Custodio (Synth), darph/nadeR 
(Guitar/Synth/Percussion/Voice), Matt Davignon (Turntable/Tape/Cd), 
Diaz-Infante (Guitar), Thomas Dimuzio (Sampler), Jason Ditzian 
(Clarinet/Bamboo Sax), Tom Djll (Trumpet), Jeremy Drake (Amplified 
Guitar), James Edmiston (Bass), Bryan Eubanks (Reeds), James Fearnley 
(Accordion), Marcos Fernandes (Electronics/Percussion), Jem Finer 
(Guitar/Toys/Radio), Curtis Glatter (Percussion), Lance Grabmiller 
Jonathon Grasse (Guitar), Wayne Grim (Guitar), Emily Hay (Flute), Damon 
Holzborn (Guitar/Electronics), Nathan Hubbard (Junk/Electronics), Matt 
Ingalls (Bagpipes), David Javelosa (Synthesizers/Electronics), Aurora 
Josephson (Voice), Mike Kaufmann (Claribone), David Kendall 
(Bass/Amplifier), Michael Khoury (Violin), Kid Sandor (Voice), Jai Young 
(Keyboards), Alexander Kort (Cello), Eric Kuehnl (Laptop), Marina Lazzara 
(Voice/Guitar), Cheryl Leonard (Violin), Nathan Levine (Bass), Jacob 
(Bass Clarinet), Scott Looney (Laptop/Electronics), Man Manly (Field 
Recordings/Noise), Marianne McDonald (Harp), Jason Mears (Woodwinds), 
Kristen Miltner (Laptop), Robert Montoya (Electronics), David Nadal 
(Guitar/Loops), The Noodles (Electronics/Synth/Bass), Peter Nyboer 
Onlythenightheardthewordstheysaid (Guitar/Bass/Synth), Simon O'Rorke 
(Percussion,)Noah Phillips (Guitar), Jesse Quattro (Voice/FX), Alwyn 
Quebideaux (Guitar), Raven (Viola), Jason Robinson (Sax/Electronics), Rent 
Romus (Reeds/Things), Sean Rooney (Laptop), Josie Roth(Viola/Electronics), 
LX Rudis (Synth), Stephen Ruiz (Electronics), Thomas Scandura (Electronic 
Percussion), Sara Schoenbeck (Bassoon), Jeff Schwartz (Double Bass), Rev. 
Screaming Fingers (Guitar), John Shiurba (Guitar), SKIZMZ 
(Multi-Instruments), Justin Sondstrum (Drums), Pablo St. Chaos (Guitar), 
Moe! Staiano (Percussion/Abuse), Zeke Talbot (Guitar/Etc), Adam Tobin 
(Spontaneous Textual Composition), Max Valentino (Bass/Loops), Peter 
Valsamis (Drums), Douglas Wadle (Trombone), Chris Ward (Upright Bass), 
Wobbly (Sampler), Aaron Ximm (Field Recordings), Ian Yeager (Guitar), Alex 
Yeung (Guitar), The Sound/Shift Improvising Orchestra

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