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RE: All You Need Is Love

Hi Paul,
you know man in Holland as you know pot smoking is
legal now in Swizerland is tolerated you can smoke it
in Bars or buy it legally provided you have a swiss
ID, in Germany there are lots of plantantions of
"Hanf", you can drink beer here anywhere you want,in
cinemas,trains,buses,etc.(without having it to hide in
a paper bag like in the U.S)people smoke
eveywhere,prostitution here is legal as well...i guess
the moral of this is, is there less pot smoking in the
U.S. because of prohibition or less alcoholism?are
kids masturbated illed because they see tits from
women here openly when they go swimming or in
magazines,or because prostitution is legal?Is there
less crime in the U.S. because prohibition?Is society
better in muslim countries where alcohol or drugs are
condemned?Are we ever going to be able to clean up
society from
cafeine,tabacco,drugs,alcohol,prostitution etc.?Has
society become less decadent since the times of
I would have to do serious research to argue this but
this subject could go on forever because one problem
gets solved and another one will come out and i guess
its in our nature to try to solve things for others
but not necessarily a solution.

--- Chris Roberts <cpr@musetrap.com> wrote:
> wtf? lol... so you flame-bait and then complain that
> people reacted to it?
> and then you post a 'scary' example of an email, for
> what? you get no sympathy
> from me, and I suspect not much from anyone else
> reading this discussion...
> and what's with this "I'm not about to share any
> more of my real feelings"?
> The whole thing seems to have blown out of
> proportion because you weren't
> expressing your real feelings....
> Either speak your truth or don't, but don't start
> complaining about people
> reacting to what you say... imo, your harsh words
> critisizing peoples choices
> to use drugs were no more friendly than many of the
> responses... I think
> you owe some people an apology for how you have
> acted, and not blame others
> for reacting strongly to your strong and, as we see
> now, not sincere diatribe...
> peace
> -cpr
> >-- Original Message --
> >Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 14:55:54 -0400
> >From: Paulzric@aol.com
> >To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> >Subject: All You Need Is Love
> >Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> >
> >
> >Hi. It's me again. 
> >I posted a supra-conservative, deliberately
> preachy, and what I thought
> was
> >a more or less transparent devil's advocate
> treatise on pot. I demonized
> >it and it was fun to write, but, my GOD, the
> responses... Anyone who knows
> >me would have giggled at what I wrote.
> >
> >I have since received personal threats, been called
> a "bub," and "idiot,"
> >a "motherfucker," and been cursed up and down
> >both in public and privately.
> >
> >I'm not about to share any more of my real feelings
> with this group because
> >#1) apparently it's not safe to, #2) this group is
> really a place to discuss
> >techy stuff, as it is not volatile subject matter.
> I will say this, though.
> >I'm not recinding my considerations of THC, but
> they're certainly not in
> >any way complete. I have lot's to say about power
> plants, but not here.
> Not
> >ever again here. (Yeay!!!)
> >
> >I could as easily have written something that was
> purely in favor of it.
> >There's the issue of taxation, medicinal use,
> over-population of prisons
> >due to petty crimes, and the whole mind/body/spirit
> connection. I tried,
> >actually, but it came too late and I was jaded
> during its writing due to
> >the overwhelming negativity.
> >
> >Maybe that is the grumpiness Mark mentioned, I
> don't know.
> >
> >I am pleased that many took me as someone that had
> obviously
> >"never tried it before" and was likened to a blind
> person. That means that
> >my writing is pretty convincing. Someone told
> >me to shut up and play my guitar. Good advice, but
> Zappa said
> >it best!
> >
> >In summary, I'm really shocked, however, that a
> multi-faceted topic and
> a
> >reflection of one of these angles could draw such
> vehemence and disdain.
> >I can't expect close, critical readings
> >of internet postings, though. My bad.
> >
> >I wish you all the best with your musical trials
> and tribulations, but
> I
> >must admit that I am sad that there is not more
> love here and elsewhere;
> >love for conservatives, liberals, teachers, poets,
> engineers, fellow musicians,
> >and each other's opinions. I did not personally
> attack anyone but was attacked
> >en masse by a whole swarm of stinging words. 
> >I said "only drug users will defend using drugs"
> but didn't
> >anticipate that they'd attack as well.
> > 
> >Oh, and that they are a cop-out. "Cop" out... No
> one saw that, though.
> I
> >choose my words as carefully as my notes. I'll
> >try harder, next time. Seems I'd better or else.
> But if anyone
> >would like to continue to verbally attack
> me...please listen to some Beatles.
> >Come to think of it, though, please steer clear of
> Helter Skelter, 'K?
> >:)
> >Good-bye.
> >


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