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Serious discussion about pot & looping/music

Now that the flame fest has died down a little bit, I would be very 
interested to share my ideas about pot and music, and would be very 
interested to hear other people's experiences on the subject. I have 
been in contact with a few loopers offlist, and the discussions have 
been very interesting, and definitely on-topic with regards to looping.

Whilst I understand that people have strong views on the subject, I 
really would like to discuss this area - keeping to subject of looping. 
I would like a thread whereby the 'anti-smokers drugs are bad M'kay' 
can let the people who have differing views from themselves talk about 
this without being flamed or labeled drug addicts.

I'm into 'opening up' (it was my one innocent sentence that exploded 
this flame war).... anyone else onlist? :)

- Stu