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Re: [OT] All You Need Is Love

Hi Stu,
Yes,it seems that this issues have somehow matured way
faster here.i lived in California for over 20 years
and i could never understand this double moral,21 yrs.
old to have a beer but 18 to go to war,the sex taboo
but the best pornos made in the U.S.,the tabacco
issue,justifying the dollar under gods name,blaming
the supply and demand of drugs on the suppliers from
other countries, etc.(there was an interesting article
about some of this from Brian Eno posted here in
loopers delight not long ago)As far as drugs in europe
is concerned the hardest addiction ive witnessed here
is tabacco.
I personally donīt use any drugs before concerts i
enjoy a cold beer to relax before a show if i am
feeling tense, and yes ill have a little funny one if
its offered to me and if i am in the mood for it
afterwards.To me this is more of a social thing and i
somehow donīt like doing it alone,not even drinking a

--- Stuart Wyatt <loopersdelight@solostring.com>
> On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 11:38  am, Tim wrote:
> > Holland has 40% less pot smokers per capita than
> > America. And the lowest amount of hard drug users
> in
> > all of Europe. The "taboo" idea of drugs in the
> > causes more use and abuse. You have a fine system
> > there.
> Prohibition simply does not work. You only have to
> look at the US 
> alcohol prohibition in the 30's to realise that all
> prohibition does is 
> drive everything underground and makes gangsters
> rich without any 
> reward to the purses of the government.
> The same is true for narcotic prohibition. One of my
> favorite theories 
> is to legalise EVERY drug, tax it, and make it
> available for purchase 
> (with ID) from licensed pharmacutical shops. People
> will take whatever 
> they want wether it is legal or not, and the risks
> of illegal drugs are 
> great. If you purchase ecstacy, you only have some
> greasy dealers 
> say-so that what you have purchased is actually MDMA
> and not some 
> concoction of dangerous prescription tablets mixed
> with rat poison.
> Imagine going into a shop, picking up a box of
> 'Saturday night buzz', 
> reading the ingredients, reading the dosage
> instructions, the effects, 
> the risks... then showing your id card to prove that
> you are over 18, 
> being able to purchase this drug knowing that you
> are not playing 
> Russian roulette with your life. There would be far
> less abuse, and far 
> less danger if everything was legalised. It would
> also remove a HUGE 
> amount of money away from the untaxable and uncouth
> underground.
> The argument that 'the young will turn into addicts'
> is a load of crap. 
> Its like saying that someone who tries their first
> beer will become a 
> raging alcoholic drinking 2 bottles of vodka a day
> by the end of the 
> month.... Sure some will... but some people have
> naturally destructive 
> personalities.
> Education, Availability, Legalisation...
> I for one am happy that the UK is moving towards
> decriminalisation, and 
> am sad that France is moving in the opposite
> direction. Maybe its 
> another reason why I am moving back there :)
> (By the way - I don't take chemicals other than a
> snort of coke every 
> two years - so don't flame me Paul). I do however
> smoke about 1/8th of 
> an oz of grass a month.
> My 0.2c
> - Stu


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