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Re: Repeater

>>>I've had a thing with the repeater where, despite getting a good midi clock at 80-100 bpm, say, it will record a loop and ?
>>then act like the original tempo was 160-200. this results in the loop being half as big as it should be, and time-stretched >>to fit the actual tempo. is there a quick way to disable the software "helpers" that determine the loop point? I'm guessing >>they are the culprit....

>I had this problem also, which was one of the reasons why I ditched the Repeater... I was playing with a computer >musician who used Live! as the midi source, and at random intervals, my loops doubled in speed. It was frustrating, and >destroyed a lot of the music that we strived to create
I've been using a repeater hooked synched to a XL-7 sequencer, and never experienced this problem.
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I tried to investigate further to find the cause of this, but I could not replicate this bug at will.

I think it is just one of those strange Repeater bugs :(