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Re: Pot Smoking Loopers

Hi Gary,
A similar story: friend of mine went to dinner an had
two glasses of wine and got thrown in Jail with
criminals in San Diego,because his alcohol level
didn´t pass the test.He is a respectable professional
software engineer and harldy ever drinks he had to pay
1000dlls.,spend 16 hours there and attend acoholic
anonimus.I had to pick him up the next day and he said
"you know Louie thats it for me here in california".
Now he owns an beer brewery in Mazatlán Mexico!:-))

--- "Candace R. Meyer"
<healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi-
> This is Gary Lehmann . . .
> Sorry to have to continue this thread, but what I
> have to say has merit.
> I did 8 months on a one year sentence for sale of
> marijuana (that's a
> felony, boys and girls) while serving in the Air
> Force in Florida in
> 1971.
> It was this traumatic experience that cemented my
> resolve to try to make
> a living from playing music--I figured I had fucked
> up my life enough,
> it was time to go for broke and do what I REALLY
> loved.
> I managed to make a living in San Diego playing
> music for twenty
> years--much of the time stoned (!)
> Haven't managed to indulge for a while--day and
> night with Candy, and
> she IS a nurse!
> But as Cara will testify, it hasn't affected my
> demeanor much
> (misdemeanor???)
> That is all--
> Gary


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