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Re: why pot before looping? *not irrelevant to looping*

  How do we feel about perhaps, uh, maybe not talking about this anymore
here?   lol!   No offense, and this isn't targetted to you specifically or
anything.   <smile>   -It['s just been a question on my mind a whole lot
around this list for a while, -how do people actually have time to play
music  sending and replying to so much e-mail every day?   -and writing
such lengthy well-thought-out provokative posts?  
  Re:  music, -when I listen to someone, I focus on the music.   I like to
see into the person as well, but in a curious open sense, as if meeting
them, saying hello and sharing some conversation.  -getting a little idea
about them.  "their music" is different but  related at the same time.
<smile>   I'm sure that sounds sensible!   lol!   Anyway, This actually
leads me to another question/issue.   RE: the concept of looping and music,
lol!   -like we've never touched on that here before either!   lol!   -and
never ever had a flame war around it.   
  Anyway, sarcasm aside, in a general sense, what is it about the concept
of looping, that speaks to you?  -allows you to express something in
yourself that the idea of music by itself, doesn't?     -and what is it
that it helps you express?...  -can you even put it into words?...  -Does
this  make sense?   I mean, the focus here, tends to be on looping, as it
should be, but is it just  its context within music persay, or the concept
of looping or repetition itself that  draws some of us to what it is  we
do?...   lol!   -Hope that makes sense...   Anyway, gonna' skat for now... 



At 03:41 PM 5/22/03 GMT, you wrote:
>How do we feel about caffine?  I believe it a drug!  I know people who
loop it through their bodies over and over and then complain that they
don't sleep well....
>from the weg files.....


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."  


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